Textruta: If you are a n00b at live poker you will have problem to win money at the Venetian poker room. But that doesn’t make it not worth a visit! The chairs are really comfortable so it’s no problem to sit here and ”watch the game” for a while.
NB! The tournaments are great! (see below)
Textruta: If you don’t have a players card for the Venetin players club you go to the players club registration desk. Hand over your id or passport and you will recieve a card. Venetian and Palazzo have the same club. (GRAZIE)
Approach the poker room. and ask for a seat at the 1-2 NL table. If no seat is available you will be put on the tv to wait.
When you have a seat you will buy your chips directly at the table. Hand over your players club card to de dealer. He will swipe it and your Comps will be automatically added to your account.
When you win a pot. Don’t forget to tip the dealer  at least 1 dollar! (Else the poker goods will come down on you!) 
Drinks are free! But tip the waitress 1 dollar per drink. In this room they got a better selection of drinks! Some of them are served in plastic containers. If they are you are supposed to drop the litter yourself in one of the baskets around you.
When you finished playing. Change your money back at the cashier. There is one located in the poker room!

n00b rating: 2

n00bs Guide


Worth to note is that Venetian is one of the few poker rooms in town that throw good tournaments. Sure—the ”buy in” is a bit higher. But for the money you get a deep stack (depending on time of the day and weekday 7500-12500) and 30 to 40 minute blind periods! (Check the website for details. I highly recommend the noon tournament!)

Most of the other rooms offer stupid 15-20 minute levels with as low as 1500 in your start stack! Stay out of this tournaments! You might as well take a spin at any of the wheels! Cause pretty soon you and all the other players will be playing an “all in or nothing game!