n00b rating: 8

Textruta: www.excalibur.com

This place is all about drinking a few beers and making new friends!  Don’t be scared that you will meet a few locals trying to take some of your tourist dollars! The pots rarely grow big and it’s normal to be able to see a flop for only 2 dollars at the 1-2 NL table.



n00b rating: 7

Textruta: www.harrahs.com

Ar first sight this could be a serious poker room. The crowd is a mix of local ”old timers” and tourists. But don’t let the sometimes tense atmosphere scare you off! The game is very ABC like!


n00b rating: 3


This is a serious Poker Room. Crowd seem to be skilled locals! I ended up here for a free tourney. I did not play any cash game.  Anyway - though game is too hard for my level most people were friendly! When I’m in Melbourne again - I will go back!

Crown Casino

n00b rating: 6

Textruta: www.mgmgrand.com

This is a noisy poker room! It is located in the mid of the Casino. I think either you like it or you don’t! I didn’t! But that could be since I lost my money there :-)

MGM Grand

· n00b rating: 6

Textruta: www.planethollywood.com

In this poker room I did not meet any local players. Staff is friendly, drinks are served with speed - but in my eyes the room could be more cosy?

Planet Hollywood

· n00b rating: 2

Textruta: www.venetian.com

If you are a n00b at live poker you will have problem to win money at the Venetian poker room. But that doesn’t make it not worth a visit! The chairs are really comfortable so it’s no problem to sit here and ”watch the game” for a while.


SWEDEN, Gothenburg

n00b rating: 6

Textruta: www.casinocosmopol.se

Casino Cosmopol




n00b rating: 5



n00b rating: 5



My personal view on the Poker Rooms I visited. I’ve rated them seen from a n00b perspective! A high rate means that even if you are a beginner at live poker you will have plenty of fun and possibly (no guarantee though) not loose too much of your money!

· n00b rating: 7

Textruta: www.treasureisland.com

In this poker room you will find very nice tournaments. Structure is decent and buy in is low. Staff are friendly and the other players are “average Joe’s”. I had both fun and success playing here. Think you will too!

Treasure Island

· n00b rating: 5

Textruta: www.ballys.com

I am not sure about this place!  I think the play is weak (will keep that opinion till my next visit) BUT—I noticed a number of sharks! So I believe you can win money here if you can play like a shark!  From a realistic point of view—how many of us n00bs can do that?!