Textruta: This place is all about drinking a few beers and making new friends!  Don’t be scared that you will meet a few locals trying to take some of your tourist dollars! The pots rarely grow big and it’s normal to be able to see a flop for only 2 dollars at the 1-2 NL table.
Textruta: If you don’t have a players card for the MGM & MIRAGE players club you go to the players club registration desk. Hand over your id or passport and you will receive a shiny silvery card.
Approach the poker room and ask for a seat at the 1-2 NL table. This room is very manual—so if no seat is available you will be hand written on a list and they will call you when your seat is available.
When you have a seat you will buy your chips at the poker room registration desk. There is a minimum buy in of 60 dollars. I recommend you take at least 150 with you. After all you don’t have to gamble it all just because you bring them! 
Hand over your players club card. They will keep it until you have finished playing. You will receive 1 dollar per hour played in Comps.
When you win a pot. Don’t forget to tip the dealer  at least 1 dollar! (Else the poker goods will come down on you!)
Drinks are free! But tip the waitress 1 dollar per drink. Service can be SLOW! Be sure to grab here whenever she comes around!
Don’t use the F**k word! No matter how bad the beat was! 2 times will call the manager. 4 times and you are out! (Some dealers are more sensitive than others!)
When you finished playing. Change your money back at the same counter you got your chips.
Don’t forget to ask for your players card back!

n00b rating: 8


n00bs Guide

Textruta:          RED FLAG! Sharks Ahoy!
There are a few local sharks in this room! Beware when you sit down! 
The ”house shark” is a guy named  ”V”. He has a daytime job working at another casino as an Entertainer. But I think he makes plenty of extra dollars fishing on the Excalibur tables! He will circle around looking for a good prey! He likes to target weak players that slowplay big hands. 
I’ve also spotted another shark during my trips. A man 35-40. Never talking to other players. Almost looks bored. Will play very 
few hands. But If he is in the hand—my best advice is that you only play if you have the nuts!