Textruta: At first sight this could be a serious poker room. The crowd is a mix of local ”old timers” and tourists. But don’t let the sometimes tense atmosphere scare you off! The game is very ABC like!
Textruta: If you don’t have a players card for the Total Rewards  players club you go to the players club registration desk. Hand over your id or passport and you will receive a card. If you are a female you even might be given a card with  the picture of Toby Keith!
Approach the poker room and ask for a seat at the 1-2 NL table. If no seat is available you will be hand written on a list and they will call you when your seat is available.
When you have a seat you will buy your chips at the poker room registration desk. There is a minimum buy in of 60 dollars. I recommend you take at least 150 with you. After all you don’t have to gamble it all just because you bring them! 
Hand over your players club card to de dealer. He will swipe it and your Comps will be automatically added to your account.
When you win a pot. Don’t forget to tip the dealer  at least 1 dollar! (Else the poker goods will come down on you!)
Drinks are free! But tip the waitress 1 dollar per drink. 
When you finished playing. Change your money back at the same counter you got your chips.

n00b rating: 7


n00bs Guide

Textruta:             RED FLAG! Sharks Ahoy!
I’m not 100% sure if this man is a shark or just a regular player! I’ve played to few hands with him. But he is always in the room! An older gentleman—often sitting a bit turned away from the table (maybe to stretch his legs?). Anyway I would be careful to go into a heads up with him!